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Vanessa Carlton
Park West - Chicago, IL - October 29, 2002
by Brian (GJenkins05) & Danny (Superscientific)

Okay, whatup y'all. My part of this is what happened before the show, after the show, and I get to rib on Ben Lee a little bit...BWAHAHA!
Well first off as you guys know Danny came up to Milwaukee to chill with me and ride down to Chicago, so we rode down at about 10:30, when I got out of my class... We were there and found Park West by 12, so we had a whole bunch of time to kill. As for that part, let's just say that Chicago is a very big, diagonal, horn-honking city. =). I won't bore you with all of that. ...
Needless to say, after we burned 4 hours (and talked to Nerea while we were at the mall) we returned to Park West and got ripped off for parking (damn bastards lol). So we stood outside of Park West for a while, and as Danny will tell you it was cold. lol. There were only 3 other people there at the time, and as we were walking from our parking structure we saw the tour bus and such... So we just kind of chilled around the corner from the tour bus. Around 4:30 we saw Sasha and Jesse pull up in a red van and go in the tour bus, but we didn't feel like bothering them, so we just chilled.
At that point, we went inside of the doors to Park West for a bit, just to check things out. I asked the lady at the information desk about the camera policy, she was pretty bitchy about it, but the gist of it was that they don't have one, and it's up to the artist.
We go back outside at this point to find out that everyone has gotten off of the tour bus and gone inside for soundcheck, so we didn't get to hit that up... more on that later.
And because it was cold as hell we decided then to go back inside. At this point about 20 people had showed up, and the radio correspondent for KISS 103.5 had also showed up and was looking for winners of their Meet & Greet... And of course while the room is quiet my cell phone goes off loud than a mofigga and everyone looks at me... It was Zena though, so that was cool =). And yes Zee, since you told me to give minute by minute reports, that is what I am doing, lol. ...anyhow, while Zee was on the phone with me, Danny tried to talk to the KISS rep about letting us into the Meet & Greet if people don't show up. She said she might, but when people didn't show up she never did, oh well...
So by this point it is about 5:30 p.m. and we are all just kind of chillin'. We overheard some idle chat behind us about the board and about the "who is going to chicago" thread I started and eventually Danny asked them if they were on the board, and it turned out to be Miranda (MirandaMM) and her boyfriend. So that was pretty cool. We chatted it up with them most of the night, as we ended up right behind them.
As for what I said about soundcheck, we could hear it out in the lobby, which was kind of cool. They played Unsung about 4 times, LOL. But because soundcheck ran over, we didn't get to enter the venue until 6:30, which pissed some people off and got others all pushing and shoving. And while we waited, they had put about 10 flats up on the wall, and people were just being ghetto as hell and ripping them down and keeping them for themselves, lol.
So we get into the show, cop a couple of those unicorn hats :

and get to the front, 2 people back from the stage.

Ok so I will go down the setlist
-(C'est La Vie and Papa)...Great as usual....I noticed a couple of wording differences...like "cast your COLOR on me" and one on PAPA but I don't remember now =(

-(Unsung)...Awesome...this song sounds so much better live.....u have to hear it to believe it

-(Rinse) ....she has a interlude to it now! She says "she should have known" like 6 times or so..it was cool

-(Prince) ....Yeah this is just a Jam session for these guys lol...the scratching effect was cool but she needs a real DJ up there *hint hint*

-(Pretty Baby)....OMG ...speechless...This is the best version I have heard yet....much better than the Album and the new radio version. Jesse came with the acoustic guitar first then she came in with the piano..then Bass then Acoustic Drum .....WOW

-(Swindler) ...Funny she said " I am gonna record this song as soon as I can" and I was like " umm you did silly vanessa" lol.....she also said to the Crowd " You don't know this one" I thought that was Hilarious

-(Wanted) - Her voice is getting so good! Proven on this song her vocal ability is on the rise

-(Sway) ...she moved around on this song! it was cool ....no piano though....just the into then she moved around the rest of the time

- (A Thousand Miles) - everyone was singing along...it was cool....She never said the F word at all! I am proud of her!!!

-(Ordinary Day) - Same thing Crowd was into it!

-(Paint it Black) Awesome! as always! Nate kicks ass!

Encore -

(She Floats) - *dies* this song is incredible...no words to explain it

(Twilight) - she did it by herself..and then exited.....

She told her normal stories..you know the A&R guy and ADD etc.....

Over all such an awesome SHOW!!!!

Danny, Miranda, her BF and I were just kind of hanging out by the stage, and as Danny said he was able to get a copy of the setlist ...

then they kicked us out. We went around the corner by the tour bus, and there were just mad people out there. Danny has a pic of that on his digi cam and we will post it up when he gets home. We ran into Nate out there, and Danny holla'ed at him for a minute. He's real cool. I was able to get him to sign my ticket for me...

After waiting about a half hour, we find out that Vanessa is already on the tour bus, because she comes out of it. Folks start going nuts, and security is like "Well if you want a pic or an autograph line up." So we all got in line, and we got to get an autograph or picture or whatever we wanted.. My ass froze when I started talking to her, lol. It was cool though. I was able to have her sign my BnN cover and shake her hand, so that was awesome.

..And that is about that. I'm sure I'm forgetting some things, but those will be filled in during the coming days. Thanks for reading, and if you are going to a show anytime soon, I am positive that you will enjoy it. Vanessa keeps getting better and better in concert.


-She said "Swindler" will probably be on the next album. (and that she needed to record a studio version, even though she already has lol)

-She had some new interlude intros to Rinse and Sway...

-After everyone was singing "A Thousand Miles" and "Ordinary Day" she was like "you all have beautiful voices." LOL.

-When she was telling her story about how she used to play for drunk guys sitting at the bar some guy yelled "That was me!!" lol. It was funny.

-They wouldn't let us take any pictures "due to the artists request" ...hmmm

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