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News / Band History

December 19, 2003
New pictures are up from last night's band practice.
(see: Candid >> Practice Session)

December 7, 2003
The bill has been filled out for the upcoming show on January 16th at the Croc. Verona & The Catch will also be performing. There will be an $8 cover charge at the door.

November 20, 2003
Welcome to the all new official site for The Protocol. We also have a new forum setup, you can head on over there, REGISTER and join in on the fun.

November 18, 2003
There's been a date change, the January show will now be on Friday the 16th. Hope to see you all there!

November, 2003
Rob will be having surgery at the end of November to address a chronic sinus condition so The Protocol will be taking a couple of months off. The next show is in January at The Crocodile Cafe
(see: Shows)
Thanks to all who have supported The Protocol in 2003. The Protocol expects big things in 2004.

November 8, 2003
The band played the last show of 2003 at Doc Maynard's. The Common Heroes opened the show and the Slop Shot closed the show out. Pictures to be posted soon.

October 14, 2003
Lyrics to all the songs on the demo have been transcribed and posted. A big thanks to Jen(tweet) for transcribing them.
(see: Music)

Setlists are now up from the 2 DocM shows, which means we have them all posted now.
(see: Shows)

October 7, 2003
CD update: Rob posted a message saying the live CD clips will be added to the web site soon. Unfortunately, Jeff had some AV issues (he stepped on the wrong guitar peddle between the chorus and second verse) so "Not Real" will not be on the Live demo. However, it will definitely be on the next studio recorded CD as it is a hit.

Next up for The Protocol: band photo shoot for the press kit and more songwriting.

October 5, 2003
Thanks to Cangirl, pics from the Croc show have been posted!
(see: Gallery)

I added scans of setlists to 2 shows. Check em out.
(see: Promo Material)

October 4, 2003
The Protocol played another great show at the Crocodile Cafe - Seattle, WA. The March Lions (Dave Krusen of Pearl Jam, Adam Czeisler of Sweetwater, Jennifer Czeisler of No. 13 Baby, and Candlebox members) opened again.
(see: Shows)

Also the Croc show tonight was recorded for a possible Live CD in the future. Stay tuned for details on that.

September 27, 2003
The Protocol return to their first venue The Rendezvous in Belltown. The March Lions open the show but The Protocol steal the show!
(see: Shows)

September 24, 2003
The Protocol ventures south to play at Hell's Kitchen in Tacoma, WA opeining for the March Lions (Dave Krusen of Pearl Jam, Adam Czeisler of Sweetwater, Jennifer Czeisler of No. 13 Baby, and Candlebox members).
(see: Shows)

August 16, 2003
The Protocol plays another packed house for 360 plus fans at Doc Maynard's in Pioneer Square. They debut a new song called "So Alone" which gets rave reviews from all in attendance.
(see: Shows)

July 5, 2003
The Protocol plays at Doc Maynard's in Pioneer Square.
(see: Shows)

June 5, 2003
The Protocol makes it's public concert debut to a packed house at The Rendezvous in Seattle, WA.
(see: Shows)

April 22, 2003
The self titled demo is recorded and mixed at The Laundry Room - Seattle, WA
(see: Music)

March 2003
Paul and Rob were informed by a bartender that the dude at the end of the bar claimed to be a bass player. Space is added as the final link.

November, 2002
The Protocol was formed by Paul Uhlir and Rob Leinbach. Soon after the pair approached Jeff Reitan about joining forces. Songwriting begins.

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